Decking Sheets & Light Weight Foam Concrete.

A mezzanine consist of intermediate support columns, main beams, joists and a deck (that is fastened to the joists with self drilling fasteners). The clear height below the mezzanine beam ranges from 3-4m above FFL.

Mezzanine support columns may be square tube sections or built-up I-sections as required by design.

Mezzanine beams are built up I- sections normally spanning in the direction of rigid frame rafters.

Mezzanine joists are built up I -sections that are normally spaced at 1.75m (+/-), for a 100mm thick concrete slab, joists frame into the mezzanine beams with a flush type connection.

Mezzanine deck panel is intended to carry only the dead load of the wet concrete, acting as a permanent shuttering. Motar decks thickness of ranging from 0.5mm to 0.9mm, used for Mezzanine/floor slabs. Thick decking system can take live loads of upto 2000 kg/ This system are highly cost effective, time saving and suitable for car showrooms, commercial building and Mezzanine offices.

Light weight foam concrete is a macro cellular cementaceous setting of basic ingredgients; cement, 10 % sand 40%, flyash and foam. Depending upon the percentage of flyash and sand, density can vary from 500-800kg/m3 Strength varies from 8kg/cm2 to 20kg/cm2. They can be used in combination with decking sheet to cater the live load up to 500kg/m2. Ideal for office and showroom mezanines.

Perfect choice for areas that need to avoid dead weight of conventional concrete. It reduces dead weight up to 80%.

Clients testimonials

If you are looking for a Pre Fabricated Structure Manufacturer with prompt service, right quality, right pricing and timely delivery, you should consider Prime. While we were considering to build a 20000 / 2 floor structure in our factory which will act as parking facility for our workers’ vehicles on the ground floor and warehousing on the first floor, we were Considering the traditional concrete structure but had many limitations that were worrying us. Time, space constraints were the primary challenges as this structure was right at the entrance of our existing facility. Prime was referred to us by a friend who had used their services in the past and today I thank my friends for the referral as we got our structure finished in time, with no confusions and In the exact specs we wanted. Even amidst the pandemic and related confusion, Prime delivered on their promises and was a perfect partner at every stage with perfect communication and prompt action.

Jospaul Mathew

Palm Fibre (India) Pvt Ltd - Alapuzha

Prime Pre Engineered Steel building is to known when it comes to engineering and detailing of their steel buildings. They use state of the art technology to create their buildings. If you need a custom building but aren’t looking to spend a fortune, you need to talk to Prime Pre Engineered Steel Building. You can also take pride in knowing that your building will be constructed of the finest materials.

Santhosh V M


We had recently worked with Prime Steel for a ware house project in Perumbavoor.. Although we were quite hesitant and seemingly concerned in the beginning as we didn't have any previous history together and that they came of as a New player in this segment, they simply proved themselves to be a great choice. Despite of all that's going on during the lock down, their team diligently supported us with multiple changes in the engineering detail and (surprisingly) continued to keep their commitments. We are greatly satisfied and would prefer/recommend them for future projects.

Risal Kamarudeen Mohamed