Aquaproof Roof & Wall Sheets(Alu-Zinc).

Material Properties
  • Yield strength Min 140 Mpa
  • Modules of elasticaly 69000 Mpa
  • Coeff. Of linear thermal expansion 24×10 per deg. C

Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion against saline water making it the ideal choice in coastal region for roof cladding.


Aluminium is classified as a non-combustible material as defined by BS 476:part 4:1970

Mill Finish

This is the natural untreated surface of metal as it leaves the rolling mill.


Stucco-embossed aluminium is mill finished aluminium. This is roller embossed to produce irregular male female pattern finish. The advantage of embossing is that direct reflections and sun glaze are diffused, without reduction in the total reflectivity.

Polyester Colour Coated

An economical,long-life coated,factory applied polyester on the exposed side, and a lacquer coating on the reverse side.

Pvdf Colour Coated

Excellent U.V resistant, long-life coating of 2 coats of factory applied PVDF on the exposed side and a lacquer coating on the reverse side.


The base material shall conform to ASTM A 653 or other equivalent standards like JIS 3302. EN 10326/10327 and IS 277


The base steel material is hot dipped galvanized Zinc coated as per ASTM standard with a coating thickness range 180gm/m2 to 270gm subject to confirmation at the time of placing the order.

  • The Alu-Zinc coating has unique micro-structure.
  • Alloy layer forms at the interface between the coating and steel substrate.
  • Overlay coating has two main phases-Aluminium rich dentritic phase & Zinc rich interdendritic phase.
  • When Alu-Zinc sheet is exposed to environmental conditions, the rich interdendritic portion of the coating corrodes preferentially..
  • Coating is sacrificial to steel and serves galvanically to protect the steel substrate.
  • As Zn rich portion of the coating is gradually corroded, the interdendritic interstices are filled with Zn corrosion products.
  • As Zn rich portion of the coating is gradually corroded, the interdendritic interstices are filled with Zn corrosion products.
  • The above mechanism in Alu-Zinc material results in barrier protection & Galvanic corrosion protection.

The combined action of Aluminium and Zinc makes Alu-Zinc more effective than steel coated with pure zinc.

PAINT COATING (For Aluminium and Steel)

Paint applied on top of galvanized/Alu-Zinc/Aluminium material in a continuous (Toli) coating process.


An economical long life coating. External side coated with 20-25 Microns polyester paint and internal side with 6-10 micron epoxy primer.


This coating has high resistance to alkaline atmosphere and excellent UV resistance compared to polyester coating. Coating thickness 20-25 Microns on external side and internal side with 5-7 micron epoxy primer.

Method of Installation

First tighten the sheet with screwa then fix the self locking caps, by pressing on top of theribs making it 100% water proof. It can be laid with z purlins or box purlins.


Thickness 0.4mm to 0.9mm. Yiels strength 340 MPA and coated with an alloy of aluminium and zinc (Aluzinc) with a minimum alloy coating of 150grams per sq.m. Top coating is of minimum 20 microns, available in PVDF and RMP, in different colors. Bottom is coated with 8 microns.


Thickness 0.6mm to 0.9mm. Yield strength min 140MPA. Top coating minimum 20 microns available in PVDF, HD and RMP in 5 different colours. Bottom coat is minimum 8 microns.

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