Wind Energy Turbo Ventilators

Air Ventilators works on centrifugal force created by continuous running of vanes. Minimum wind pressure rotates the ventilator on self lubricated Teflon cap. Hot & polluted air escapes, creating pressure drop beneath. Immediately fresh and cold air enters to fill the pressure drop. The fly wheel effect on the ventilator makes it run continuously and fresh air flow is maintained. lt prevents entry of water and dust particles. Fresh air makes people more alive and active.

Air Ventilator is manufactured with high technology and quality to reduce weight and to increase durability. It is a boon to every industry that strives at cost reduction and energy consumption.

Base frames made out of fibre in (U.V. Stabilized Resin) are available with 4 to 20 slope frames suitable for Tile and trafford Colour Coated Sheets. Gavalume Sheets and other Aluminium Industrial profiles and asbetos sheets are available, minimum lapping length is 100mm depending upon the purlin space.


  1. Strong, light weight and durable
  2. Only 2mph of wind velocity is required
  3. Improves working conditions and increases productivity
  4. No operating cost since it runs on wind power
  5. 10 years warranty on the ventilator head
  6. No noise-Super silent operation.