Polycarbonate Sheets.

Prime offers multi walled polycarbonate cladding sheets of size 5.8m (length) 2.1m (width) with the thickness ranging from 4mm to 10mm. Basically 8 colours like Clear (CLO1). Translucent (OP02). Grass Green (GN02). Opal (Op3), Blue (BU01), Lake Blue (BU02), Bronze (BZ01). Green(GN01), Grey (Gy01) are available. One of the main benefits of choosing polycarbonate sheet is that an extremely high thermal insulation value can be achieved even with transparency The product is therefore the most complete solution available to the project designer where “transparency and insulating applications are concerned.



  1. Covering and decorating industrial, residential, commercial and public buildings.
  2. Stadiums, gymnasiums and sports clubs.
  3. Skylight for living rooms, swimming pools, courtyards,green houses.
  4. Train station roofing, covered bus stops, airport roofing, etc.