Decking Sheets & Light Weight Foam Concrete

A mezzanine consist of intermediate support columns, main beams, joists and a deck (that is fastened to the joists with self drilling fasteners). The clear height below the mezzanine beam ranges from 3-4m above FFL.

Mezzanine support columns  may be square tube sections or built-up I-sections as required by design.

Mezzanine beams are built up I- sections normally spanning in the direction of rigid frame rafters.

Mezzanine joists are built up I -sections that are normally spaced at 1.75m (+/-), for a 100mm thick concrete slab, joists frame into the mezzanine beams with a flush type connection.

Mezzanine deck panel is intended to carry only the dead load of the wet concrete, acting as a permanent shuttering. Motar decks thickness of ranging from 0.5mm to 0.9mm, used for Mezzanine/floor slabs. Thick decking system can take live loads of upto 2000 kg/ This system are highly cost effective, time saving and suitable for car showrooms, commercial building and Mezzanine offices.

Light weight foam concrete is a macro cellular cementaceous setting of basic ingredgients; cement, 10 % sand 40%, flyash and foam. Depending upon the percentage of flyash and sand, density can vary from 500-800kg/m3 Strength varies from 8kg/cm2 to 20kg/cm2. They can be used in combination with decking sheet to cater the live load up to 500kg/m2. Ideal for office and showroom mezanines. 

Perfect choice for areas that need to avoid dead weight of conventional concrete. It reduces dead weight up to 80%.