Aquaproof Sandwich PUF Panels for Roof & Walls.

We take immense pleasure in introducing to you insulated sandwich panels manufactured by Prime Metal Building System to the highest international standards.Rigid Polyurethane foam is sandwiched by metals or flexible facing and are becoming very popular in meeting the requirements of construction industry by cost – effective system for buildings and energy conservation. The panels use steel or aluminium sheets for facing and will be manufactured in thickness range of 25mm to 200mm. Their range of application covers the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, Chalets for tourism sector, schools, institutions, specialised applications for the food industry and cold rooms.


  1. Excellent thermal insulation which results in better working environment, productivity and Cost.
  2. High load bearing capacity at low weight.
  3. Excellent water and vapour barrier.
  4. Capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipments,easier installation. .
  5. Easy repair and replacement in case of damage.
  6. Good sound insulation. _
  7. Lightweight insu walls are ideal for making chalets for tourist resorts at dif´Čücult terrains.
  8. The ideal replacement for Asbestos sheets without modification for the structure
  9. No problems related to condensation.
  10. Green product and is reusable.